In respect of performed measuring the needs for covering capacity in this plan, 6 frequency is needed which its permit obtained based on the technical regulations of communication office and installed by 6 dbi antennas for each frequency at the Saadat Abbad center site and installation of 2dbi antennas for automobiles, the sending of messages is done. With two Repeaters ( one in Shian –East of Tehran, and other in Velenjak) with strengthen the wave makes coverage of the Zone possible.
The memories of these type of Radio are keepers and its efficiency in dialing of telephone number is an advantage of this type. Another characteristic is the low pricing with proper after sales services and availability of spare parts.

General Specification:

One of the capabilities of these device is print and deliver the receipt of the fare to the customer.
The Taximeter is of Model Pro-1 made in Korea

Some Specification of  the device include;

Design and make of automobile tracing system (GMS/GPS) is done  through AFRATAB Electronic Industry with cooperation with KAVOSHKAV ASIA. Hardware and software of fleet management makes it possible to trace and control a fleet of mobiles. This system through use of installed GPS over each moveable and receives the speed and position along with related information and send them it to the center via GMS(Short message system) . with all the received information can prepare all kinds of reports and extract all sort of data arrangement.
At the center could make use of Zone Guard to alert in cases of entrance of and exit moveable to single Zone. With sending special signals from center could have some control on moveable. In this system the possibility of internet connection is planned for the future.

Tehran Taxi Radio company with added experience through the years selects the type Volk CADDY made in Germany and will purchase 1500 units of this type from Sina Automobile manufacturer in year 2007. Need to mention that 1000 units of these automobiles belongs to the company and will be purchased on cash bases. The employed drivers with fixed salary will drive these automobile. The remaining 500 units will be turned over to qualified unemployed individual.
These Automobile with permits and with out paying custom tariff as a red plate would import to the country. But they can not be traded for 5 years. After 5 year by paying the Tariff can change the plate to white and be sold.
In respect to this act, with consideration of 5 years, this plan is arranged .

Technical Information and Equipments of this Type of Automobile 

  • Four cylinder engine
  • Gasoline Injector system, 8 Valve, 1.6 Liter
  • ۷۵ kV power in 5600 engine speed
  • Torque – Max – ۱۴۸ in 3800 engine speed
  • ۵ speed transmission , front differential, Max speed 148 km/hr
  • Fuel consumption 100 km for 8.3 Liters
  • Hydraulic wheel, central Lock with remote control- anti theft
  • Radio cassette, plastic floor cover in the load section
  • Front fog breaker lamp, Driver air bag
  • Air condition, left-right electric mirror, partition between front and back cabin
  • Cloth made interior coverings. Anti break ABS system, electric window.