Work Capacity

Tehran Radio Taxi company, toward  enforcement of its initial transportation goals, with 15 years of experience based on practical and scientific work in Tehran and some big cities, and research in European and Middle Eastern countries established big intercity transportation company with two separate driver sections (Male/Female), and in continual gain of experience and performing executive works as consultant of establishment and manager of radio Taxi for cities; Mashhad, Karaj, Zahedan and Gorgan. With management of 133 Radio Taxi for city of Mashhad achieved a record praiseworthy for senior province authorities and some related authorities in Ministry of interior. Currently with free four digit phone number 1828 with 500 phone lines with support of 70 units of Smand are active service of this company which with current equipments are capable of providing 11,000 services. Under future development plan the company deciding to import 1500 units of Volks Model CADDY and collecting back Samand from operation and increase service capacity up to 100,000 services per month. With expansion of the fleet, the time for getting the Taxi will be reduced from 30 minutes at present time to 10 minutes.

Few Up to Date Performances

•    Office rent located in Talghani St. As central office
•    Negotiation to purchase building located in Saadat Abbad as Main company headquarter.
•    Purchase of 139 unit of Samand automobile as of fleet of the company (currently there are 70 units)
•    Purchase of Radio equipments and installation
•    Training of 24 personnel as operator.
•    Hire and train 160 drivers

Technical Reviews
Transportation Supply & Demand in City Tehran
Management of the Fleet ( GPS)
Calculation of Price
Stations Plan
Radio Equipments: Type of Radio
Equipments Automobile
Applicant Terms & Conditions
Job Creation Plan
Required Personnel
Introduction of the Plan