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High speed, illegal passes and many more are common violations among drivers. Statistical figures shows that the most accidents in the city are of type mentioned and if  assumed, with increase penalty the violations would be reduced, today could have had substantial reduction in human and economic loss which actually no such thing happened yet.


Based on The statistical figures announced on 2001 from disciplinary forces for every 100 accidents there were 8_1/2 dead and this amount reduced to up to 1/4 dead on 2004. this reduction is less than 2%. Which with current conditions the accidental figures are far more than same period in the year 2004. Also 27,800 individual lost their lives in this country due to driving accidents. Considering this figures, in the  2004, 72 persons daily and almost 3 persons hourly lost their lives and this figure in the year 2005 have considerable increase.


Although the supporters for increase amount of  traffic violations tickets do believe, accepting this policy for its back holding role for traffic violation is necessary and the amount of ticket (penalty payment) must be to a limit that prevents the individual to violate the rules, they Say: That factor is the required condition for control of traffic and violation, but it is not enough and because control of traffic is multi-dimensional classes, therefore for solution must be done as multi-dimensional.


            Although can not deny the short term increasing effect of  penalty on reduction of violations but definitely these effect are only short term and considering the economic conditions like; inflation, increase on income and cash flow in the society, after a while the violation tickets will loss its  panelizing effects and same old days returns. Of course research done for the committed violations specially in relation between increasing the price of violation tickets and reduction of driving violations in many countries shows that hard enforcement of regulation and prices of penalty compare to citizen income is too high, such that in some countries this rates are equal to half of the income of an individual. But in these societies, along functions of  regulation, they pay considerable and wide attention to subject of cultural training. As an example in Germany, for better enforcement of diving regulations, there are a physiological tests and the violators who commit more than 15 violation subject to this kind of test and will be deprived from driving forever. But unfortunately in our country, still the issue of  vehicle technical checking, attention to traffic signs which must be observed without presence of police officer, determination of right place of installation and attention to traffic engineering from authorities makes the function of  enforcing the rules less effective.


Of course this issue must not comes about as culture which stops the violators with force or increase the price of traffic ticket. But it is appropriate that this culture to be set in among citizens that they do not violates. Meaning that the citizen do not make a violation without fear of penalty. The requirement for this is culture making. Must provide require training, increase public awareness until necessary condition be ready for right driving with principle to be develops. But the mentioned cases would prevents the working tools and required correct planning not to be provided, and merely with act of fore and heavy fines asks citizen to obey the rules.


            One of the important points in developing culture making of essential driving, to perform required training of plan’s enforcers which are on reality, the discussion of training in mentioned plan is significant. After training steps for drivers and radio’s driver and operator goes through the process of  culture making for customers which is part of mentioned company services and from such thing an appropriate as peaceful coexistence for company, drivers and customers would develop. Therefore in discussion of training with goal of eliminating  the slang and culture of being Taxichauffeurwhich were planed,the subjects of regulation and safe custodies which customer for the purpose of transporting deliver to the drivers and observing the driving regulation particularly the observance of safety issues and other related issues so that to prevent unpleasant events. Also to pass training for (Help & Rescue , Fire department, Helal Ahmar, Emergency room, Driving) is of required conditions for attracting drivers.

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